Welcome to A Naik Owl

A Naik Owl is a place for students, educators, writers, readers and non-science citizens alike!

Through this website, I wish to bring to you science topics that make you go “Wow, I'm glad I read that!”

Having earned a Ph.D. while dabbling in science communication to later working as a medical writer, and finally settling down in an academic job, I will also share strategies that helped shape my career path.

These might perhaps live in the paradox of being cliche and yet, unique to my journey (only!). Although, I truly believe in the power of repetition of words to keep one’s spirit alive. So what if you hear it from me just one more time? 

"You are as powerful as your knowledge, and your wisdom to use your knowledge"

Recent Blog Posts

Feb 13, 2024

Medical Educator 101

Wait..a “Medical Educator”? What is that? Do you mean you teach students and also research how to best teach them? Oh..I thought only scientists and doctors conducted research?... The flurry of questions that ensue after I tell people what I do for a l...

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